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Executive Director Recognized by the City for Her Work

glendaawardRev. Glenda Hope, Founder of SafeHouse for Women Escaping Prostitution,  was honored as a Woman of Character, Courage and Commitment in a "Women Making History" ceremony March 4th sponsored by SF's Mayor, Board of Supervisors and Commission on the Status of

This ceremony brought together influential women from all over the city and shone a light on the incredible work women are doing for other women. Reverend Hope was there to recieve her award from Supervisor John Avalos for her work with Network Ministries as well as SafeHouse.


Welcome to SafeHouse

Join us for a look inside SafeHouse. Hear from our staff and clients about what makes SafeHouse such a special place and learn more about the work our community is doing every day.



Rev. Glenda Hope, known as saint of Tenderloin, retiring

glendachronarticleThe San Francisco Chronicle spotlights our founder, Reverend Glenda Hope, and her lifelong work in the Tenderloin.

The Rev. Glenda Hope was taking her typically sunny walk through the Tenderloin's typically noisy streets the other day, and every block the 77-year-old minister passed held a homeless or poor person she knew. They all got a cheery wave or word. Then she got to the corner of Turk and Larkin streets.

A bedraggled woman named Maria sat in a wheelchair, her left foot heavily bandaged. "Hey, reverend," she said. Hope leaned close, eyes wrinkled with concern.

"My foot hurts so bad, I'm having such a hard time," Maria said.

"Yes dear," Hope replied, touching Maria's shoulder. They chatted a moment, and Hope offered, "Can I pray for you?"

Maria nodded. Their heads came close, and Hope murmured softly. Then, with an "Amen," she was off again.

"She's such a lovely person," Maria whispered.

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